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today, 17/03/2008

a new year has come...
you know, I've done some bad things, silly things with guys...but now I'm ok because Nill came back to me! so pretty! I'm so happy, but we set a meeting yesterday and he didn't show up. on Saturday, he appeared and I've got surprised. So, we talked a lot and we wento to Mirante and there we stayed again! it was like a dream! at night, we went out to Lion, after we drank wine and I got drunk. we stopped on dce bar, it was raining, nobody around and we almost did that. he was really longing for me and it was so good to see! I know we will stop in the bed one day and now he knows I'm not v anymore, he is more daring with me. love him so!
my "bag" on extension project got out and I'll teach English on popular course. I'm afraid! with Nill by my side again, I'll get there, for sure!
thank God!