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it's just amazing how
you are deeply rooted into me
it could be more than amazing
it could be love
it must have been, one day, love
and now
all I feel
is that I'm sorry for you
'cause you do not deserve me
I'm sad and sorry for our lost love
you threw it away
as it was nothing at all

it is so deeply amazing
how you still linger into me
as a true root
as part of me
everything we lived I won't throw away
I just feel sorry
I'm not you, such a fool

you linger here
you are so, but so handsome
and how come I cannot love the beauty?
I love beauty
I loved you.
yes, it is past tense now,

it all is just so amazing
I'm proud of my feeling
I feel satisfied with myself
for my capacity of loving
and i feel sorry for you

so many times I could give my help
my hand
my hope
my love for you
the biggest and more pure and honest love in this world

but you just threw it away, baby...
and I am tired of crying.