Mostrando postagens de Novembro 26, 2010

come to me

there's no motif on me, I just breathe, and every piece of me was made you

deeply rooted to your heart

I've got this something more you look for

you don't know it, but I'm sure you need it

I just live, I just breath, I just am what or who I am

I am simple like this, me.

I am always waiting for you

for your call, your ball, your car, your moll

for your body that must come closer to me

come together, right here, together, over me

I'm yours, I need your sweat, your lips, your body, your hands

your bed, my bed, your lust, 'cause I'm horny

you must come and lay down on me

come, come and make me yours tonight

yours tonight

right now...

this night.