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it was a strange day... He appeared, but he didn´t want to go up, so I went down the stairs. then, he talked about give a time because he was "pisando na bola" with me, lately. I agreed, but I said the problem was when he set a time and didn´t showed up. but he said he need a time to set his life, his times, to organize his life at all. I asked if it was really just it, he said yes, it has nothing to do with me. ´So, we were on DCE bar and we talked, we kissed each other a lot, we got holding each other, it was pretty goo, but we are like this, giving a time. I said to him I´m afraid because he could get back with another ex, he said it´s difficult. after a while, we said goodbye and I went to my room without looking back. I went to Lion with R, it was good, I drunk a little and I didn´t do nothing else. the only badf thing was that THAT old and crazy man was there and he remembered me! I "closed" my face to him I didn´t talk too much.