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Inglês ou portugues? hum...what about both? rsrsrs quem não entender, ...shame on you!

today I'm gonna go out with...N...I need to see him...I invited him to watch the choral UFV singing with "my" choral on Sunday. I'll meet him today to talk about it.
U didn't call me anymore...I sent him an e-mail but till now, he didn't answered.
Mario appeared again in my life, we are talking again by I had to huury up and I went away without saying goodbye...sorry, M...
I also talked to R by msn... I told him that I dreamed of him again...we had a serious conversation, not that serious, but...about feelings and things like that.
so, thanks God this term is finishing...I can't take it anymore
my final paper on let 415 and 315 will be a comparison between blake and whitman...very interesting. I'll use the poems "Infant Joy" by Blake and "There was a child went forth every day" by Whitman.