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"Tu te tornas eternamente responsável por aquilo que cativas" (Le petit Prince).

I sent this message for him. That's my strategy, psychological pressure. It won't work, but I need to do something in order to do not get crazy. Maybe it's wrong, and maybe I'm acting in the name of my envy, but I just need to do something.
Everything I see reminds me on him, or in some of my lasts... I watched "The Bodyguard" and the bodyguard was a football player; I just saw a camera add on facebook... C, A... who else? But I'm coming back to myself. My will is coming back too, in relation to ... everything rs.
I just wanna live. I wish I could understand everything that happens to me, for example, the fact that the last four came after me, they called me, they wanted me and suddenly, they don't more, as if I was just something to thrown away... do I have a "poker" face?? I don't know why they did that with me, but I don't think it's time…