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is this love that I'm feeling? this must been love...

No, it is not love, but I am happy. I met him at Pyjamas' party, twenty-year-boy. He lives in the lodgement too, PÓS. We stayed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now, I'll just see him on next Saturday because he has a lot 2 tests this week and he didn't study the weekend - guess why... - it was pretty good the way we are...I like him. On Sunday, I went with him to the voting, he voted, I justified.
what an Odissey this presentation on the Symposium! Now, we are supposed to present - Coral Voix-là - tomorrow at the end this event. Today was the first day and some lectures were good, interesting, others not so...but, anyway, it was worth, always worth to practice English, even just listening.