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Mostrando postagens de Fevereiro 26, 2012


"Pois eu tinha inveja dos néscios, quando via a prosperidade dos ímpios" Salmo 73:3
My decisions don't last long and my plans are always frustrated... I always get hurt when I do things that I shouldn't do... I don't know, I'm confused and again, I envy people and their financial and emotional situation. I don't have what I want, and my sadness is deep.
This sadness is like something deeply rooted inside me, it doesn't go away, even in my good moments, which have been rare lately. It seems like I'm always unsatisfied with life, with the things I have, with my accomplishments. I always want more, it is always missing something in my life, and I just don't know how to complete this emptness I have inside me, as says a song...*
My fear is that this something I look for simply do not exist. And if it doesn't exist in this world, I believe it's there on the other side of life, waiting for me, but I need to be good, really good. This is the prob…