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Language is an issue of subjectivity, at least for me. Today I was teaching a girl who is going to do a test by tomorrow. I had to explain some grammar rules for her, but it does not work alone. It depends on the context, I said. But people needs to have rules, to know the rules. Of course, as an English teacher, I must know the rules, but they are not enough for talking; they are not enough to understando how to use, really use the language. And thus sometimes I think my work is useless, mainly because here in Brazil we do not have a second language; English is something present in our lives but is far away at the same time. people have some difficult to understand the rule. I alwayas compare with Portuguese, showing them we have rules too, despite we don't follow them in a rigid way, because speaking is freer than writing. But most of my students are far away from understanding or really getting the language. Acquisition.  Being a teacher is stressful and I think I may give up,…