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Processo criativo

A teacher's diary

How can I go on this way? I just had a delicate and frustrating situation today; one student of mine, in the end of the class, told me she didn't understand nothing I was talking about. The subject was the Present Perfect. And all the last classes I had given them a lot of exercises about it, and I tried again to explain for her, but without succes. Then, I just told her to get the answers of the exercise from one of her colleagues, and suddenly she said: but how do I get the answers if I do not understand nothing... and I had no answer. It was frsutating for me, but, at the same time, my will was telling her: "you're such a fool, you'll never understand nothing, it doesn't matter how long you study". Of course I didn't tell her that, but that is really my opinion. She is the kind of person that may study a long time, but will never learn, even if she start from the starter level. She is  a fool!! I think she has some kind of dislexis or delay in her mind…