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my life ...

my life IS REALLY brilliant! such jokes it plays me!
I went to a party on Friday 3rd, I met a guy and this time I thought the things would be different, but he leave me too. oh God, I can't take it anymore!
I've got a bad cold, Jesus, it put me down. Today I think I'm better. Not at all, but a bit better. I didn't went to the Choral. I met M around RU, such a boring guy! "do you want me to make you a tea?" oh, please, come on! when he's gonna wake up?
yesterday was such a day! I went to L's house, we did Gracia's test, after I passed on the church and I was too bad, almost dying...if I don't die today, I won't do never.
single, single, forever single and single again, that's my fate!
come on , baby, light my fire! but who?
I just don't care!