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after emel...

I'm very tired. I went to EMEL last holyday, it was good, it was in Mariana. and guess what? the next will be here, UFV. Great! but we will have a lot of work, mon dieu!
I'm sad. In Emel, I thought would have a revival between V and me, but it didn't happen, because he satyed with another girl that he met there. then, I was ok, no problem, but now that I came back, I'm thinking about Nill and I'm really missing him. but somehow, I am conformed. I'd like he appears here to talk to me, but I don't know if he's gonna come. perhaps...
I presented my work about Cecilia Meireles, It was good, no problems just the datashow missing. tomorrow is gonna be my final class in TTC, I'll present a song, it will be good, I'm almost sure I'll teach on Celin next semester.
so...that's all. next emel, maybe enel, I'll present a work about Alvares de Azevedo.

message from him

I've just got out from TTC, it was good because didn't last much, we had micro classes, mine will be next wednesday.
I met L yesterday, she told me that she met Nill and he send me a message by her: he said he likes me a lot, send me a kiss and as soon as he solve his things, he will meet me. I got happy! he really worries about me, I think so. Doesn't matter what D says, because every time I tell something about Nill to her, she say bad things about him, she doesn't even know him! I'm fed up with her!
RU is stopped I don't know where I'm going to have lunch, maybe multiuso if it's open.
so, bye.

tempo, tempo...

last Sunday Nill came here and asked me a time. I think I already said this, but it's boring me a lot. yesterday I went to Lion with R and she told me her boyfriend saw Nill holding another girl. I don't know what to think, anyway, I don't want to think about it. I'm missing him so bad and if he is staying with someone else, I hope he can decide what he wants as soon as possible. And I hope also that he comes back to me. If it doesn't happen, everything is over for me, I don't want anybody else in my life, at least for while.
Today I'll give classes, I took a song to pass to my students, hope they get excited about it. I need to end somethings in Gracia's room still today.
Before going to the lion, we passed in a African's party, it was pretty good, Ló was there and I danced zouk but with another guy. It's a sensual sound.
I'm stuck in a moment and I can't get out of it. (U2)