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my life

I think my life is going on...I'm getting used to Nill's absence but it's not so good...I hope he is better today enough to come to see me. I'm going to Leão tonight after my class. I am a teacher now and it's great! I like it of a way I never thought I would. having money is great! but I'm feeling so tired lately...I miss something I don't know what it is, miss my mother, miss human warm.
I'm typing my poetry, I'm going to participate in a conquest and I'm going to "built" my book. and I'm preparing to present a work on next emel, that will be on May 22th. I think I have enough time to do everything I need to and I want to.
so I'm strangely calm, it seems as something is about to happen, good or bad, I'm not sure, I'm completely not sure.
I'm getting closer again to God.
God bless me anyway.