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Silver Spoon

"E não sede conformados com este mundo, mas sede transformados pela renovação do vosso entendimento, para que experimenteis qual seja a boa, agradável, e perfeita vontade de Deus". (Romanos 12:2)

Today my complaining is about justice. Life is unfair sometimes. I see people going abroad all the time, and I think, it is not fair with me!! I need to go, but I don't have means, and it bothers me a lot. Is not that I see PEOPLE going abroad, but some specific people. I don't know, it's the envy again acting in me.. I need to stop, think that I'm not a loser and go ahead, specially go abroad! It seems so simple to some people...and I know everything is money, or hard work or good will/luck. God knows...

My last piano class was good. I almost didn't go, but I had to go 'cause I had to learn more things: patience, practice and learning. I really need to control my anxiety, said the teacher. he perceived that I'm anxious when I play, but I'm sure he d…