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My name is Catherine, everybody calls me Kate, a nickname. I wouldn't like that but it's a way to forget who I am. I was born red-haired and my mother just loved it, but not my father. First of all, he wanted a boy. I impaired my mother to ever give birth again. She died so early, leaving me in my father's hands. I'd do everything to please him and I'd try the Army, but he laughed at me. So, I started to study to be a nurse because he started to be ill, especially after that great break in USA. That was just terrible, we lost the little left. My father bet everything in the banks, but then they had that break. Now, we have a name, only. I was dying to graduate to take care of my father and make him proud of me, but he refused me as his nurse. Of course I take care of him now, but struggling all the time. I just started to hate my job and they put me on the admissions desk, I don't care, life is just like that. I met this intern, we started something, but he is…