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Yesterday I send him an e-mail finishing, not finishing at all, but finishing. we met each other on last Friday, but he simply ignored me, he didn't care about my presence there, on dce. I felt so small...but now I'm not sad, I'm feeling good because I gave an final point, I'm not wiating for him anymore (hope so).
but I'll survive this time. let's see if he's gonna answer, I doubt.
L's birthday, last 19 day, we passed in the cemitery, it was really crazy. that was V, LP, W(a gothic of my course, calouro), and more two girls I didn't know. LP made a monologue and I said a thing that everybody liked: L, a plural name for a singular person. after, in the day, I gave him a medal that I found near the capela and he liked it a lot, he said it has the são Bento's pray.
so, I need to study, bye.