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it's a matter of feeling


I met Rcrd yesterday... it was pretty good... before that, we've met and I told him that things I wanted, but not in the way I wanted... it didn't avoid we have sx... then, yesterday, we didn't have sx, we made love. Something different.... there were desire and passion of the same way, but I felt something different, and he is different with me. He brought me a white chocolate for gift. He called me before to ask if I like chocolate, if I had any preference....I told him I like white chocolate and he brought it to me... yesterday was different, I'm pretty sure. I'm not getting into an illusion...I'm afraid he finishes with his girl, I'm not sure I really want him, we are so different, so dispair, so...I don't know, what can he offer to me? we deal well in bed, but in life, it's pretty different... Anyway, I can't stop thinking about yesterday night... the feelings, the kisses, the desire, our bodys together, getting pleasure on each other..…