sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2009

it's a matter of feeling


I met Rcrd yesterday... it was pretty good... before that, we've met and I told him that things I wanted, but not in the way I wanted... it didn't avoid we have sx... then, yesterday, we didn't have sx, we made love. Something different.... there were desire and passion of the same way, but I felt something different, and he is different with me. He brought me a white chocolate for gift. He called me before to ask if I like chocolate, if I had any preference....I told him I like white chocolate and he brought it to me... yesterday was different, I'm pretty sure. I'm not getting into an illusion...I'm afraid he finishes with his girl, I'm not sure I really want him, we are so different, so dispair, so...I don't know, what can he offer to me? we deal well in bed, but in life, it's pretty different... Anyway, I can't stop thinking about yesterday night... the feelings, the kisses, the desire, our bodys together, getting pleasure on each other...and then, when we finished, he held me and kept caring me, holding me with care. it was good. I gave myself at all for him yesterday, I was feeling happy and he felt happy with me. We until talked about English, he wants to learn it from me. I taught him some words and phrases. Pronunciation was funny! what if he is in love with me? I don't know...I cannot stay with him. He said he doesn't want me to go away from Viçosa and I don't wanna stay here any longer after vacation! Gee, I've gotta talk to him, urgently. I cannot be in love with him...

Hj tenho dois amigos secretos, um da EDT e outro do coral...ontem a gente se apresentou e depois fomos para o DCE tocar um violãozinho, fizemos uma roda só na zueira, hehe. Depois fomos lanchar no RU e hj, nossa confraternization! Espero que eu tenha acertado nos presentes, hehe...fico com medo... mas no fim, tudo se acerta...

Férias...minha mãe ta querendo vir, mas num consigo falar com ela... vou tentar ligar de novo hj, pq tentei já duas vezes e meu cunhado ou Raq q me atendem, pois minha mãe deixou o celular lá na casa deles.

ai, ai...tudo agora "is a matter of feeling"... I think Rcrd is fall in love with me...or no. "your dream, isn't it?" he said yesterday. I want a white man!!