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he and me

what a weekend!
I passed all Saturday with him (U) and it was perfect! But then he said he would call me on Sunday, and he didn't. He would travel today and I don't know what to do, I'll just wait. I sent him an e-mail today. I tried to send a "torpedo" by web, but it didn't work. I'm nervous! again, I'm playing the role of a teenager, nervous, anxious to see my almost-boyfriend. That's the life, my life! I like him, but I'm still thinking about M and C and...Nill is on my heart forever, we have a new kind of relation...
yesterday I went to a presentation of the group extase of dance, it was good. I invited U to go with me, but he didn't appear, you know...then, R went with me, today is her birthday. His brother, R, is walking around me again, God...
I'm anxious to talk to U, my new love!