quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

Coward men

good noon.

Men are all cowards. Some of them just cannot finish with you; they keep you waiting, and say that your waiting is an act so beautiful!...oh please come on! and some of them are very objective, just don't care about your feelings; and then, there are those ones who are too romantic, dramatic. Anyway, men are too exagerated: or they don't care about you or they love you in a very boring way. Those ones who keep you waiting are the worst. They don't have this right. They don't have the right to keep you while keeping another ones, because it's very confortable for them; or because they are afraid of hurting people, hurting you. They all hurt us exactly because of this indecision: they have to make a choice, because if you take the head of things, they will be relieved 'cause it was your fault, your fault, girl.

But you also have to make a choice. Or you are in, and take the risks, or you give up at all. What's better for you? be selfish (he is selfish!) and think about you. You want him, but if he really wanted you, he would make a choice, very quickly.

I'm just writing this today because I cannot see some Girls suffering for coward men. It's stupid and you are not stupid, right? you know the path you're taking. Then, take the risks. And stop speaking on my ears!! (sorry...rsrsrsrss). Do not trust men and do not wait the strong feelings fnish and the close future comes. There's no future, fate. You make the choices. You. And he if he wakes up. Say hello or goodbye. Bye.

P.S.: Renasça das cinzas da sua idiotice.