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I think I am completely lost. yesterday I staied, that is, I slept with R and it was pretty good. I want to be his lover, I'll tell it to him. I don't have way anymore.


I am on vacations, for God's sake! it seems like my family won't come, I'll live on my on this month (God bless me).
on last Friday, I went to Lion and I staied with a blond boy, 19, my little angel as I called him, he is so cute. he is known as "Araxá" because he is from Araxá. he travaled last saturday to there, after we passed the night together. I think I won't see him again, but maybe, I would like to. Nill saw us together...
I got 88 in North American literature! thanks God! just missing some notes in English literature.
I'll do a "lack of sex" because I have to take shame on my face, if I can say that.


I've just finished a test of English Literature, it was hard doing, but I think I was well (hope so!)
my grade in English has been down this term.
need to help someone,

up and down

I'm feeling bad. ok, it's normal, my mood is up and down but it didn't used to be so frequently.
I was going to the library and I met R there. I was with such a bad face that he stopped making jokes and talked seriously, not that much. he asked for help in redação, I thought strange, but it's ok. I'll make him sure that I'm not a bitch with who he can use such a excuse to crew! the men are boring me, I'm getting so angry that I'm able to kill one of them!!!!!!!!!!
I'd like to travel by myself to another place, away, with no one known. oh, my God, I'm so coward and money in my pocket is all I want!!!
Nill entered in msn yesterday, I think I 've ever told it, no?
I need to eat chocolate. it's what I'm going to do. Julian wernt away, I don't know if I'll have Ana's class today, but I think so. Thursday will be Gracia's test and paper! God bless us! I just need to finish the paper, I did almost everything today, in the CA. V…